Using LaterPay as a drop-in payment method

This is for you IF:

  • You want to use LaterPay to help lower the entry barrier for new customers by:

    • deferring full registration until payments are required

    • deferring asking for payment details until necessary

    • deferring payment until a payment treshold is reached by the user

  • You want to integrate LaterPay into your site with an existing purchase/payment/provisioning setup

How LaterPay is currently used in the B2C world of publishing, video and online games

Typically, our end-to-end payment infrastructure is used to cover all flows from the initial (potentially anonymous) purchase of users, incremental further purchases until the payment treshold is reached, the payment flow (might entail registration) and the actual payment. In the B2C world, we aggregate purchases across domains and providers and provide a distributed solution enabling anonymous and frictionless sales of theoretically any type of content or service.

You sell some type of product or service through us, we keep track of the user’s “pay later” running tab as well as instantly paid “pay now” purchases and respond with a boolean access status for a particular item/user combination when queried. Users are redirected to our different SPA-based dialogs for any type of interaction, then redirected back to your site or app while we communicate the success of the transaction to you.

There are scenarios in which you may want to use only part of our feature set in isolation.

How LaterPay breaks down B2B conversion barriers

The appeal of LaterPay for Enterprise Customers lies in deferred payment and deferred (full) registration. We require a minimum set of information from users, thus reduce the friction in the purchase process to a measurable, large degree.

LaterPay can be presented as an additional payment option for faster check-outs and higher conversion rates, as we reduce drop-offs related to customers being unable or unwilling to supply payment details at the time of sale.

LaterPay as a Payment Gateway

The easiest way for you to integrate LaterPay is as a drop-in payment method, like you might integrate PayPal or Stripe.

What does this look like?

  • User browses your marketplace

  • User finds an item

  • User goes to buy the item

  • You present LP as a purchase option by providing a dialog URL with appropriate price and callbacks

  • User chooses to purchase with LaterPay

  • User goes through our dialogs

  • First-time user / one with unfilled invoice can conduct purchase without having to specify payment information

  • OR: Users who exceed their payment threshold are prompted to provide payment info and pay

  • Either way, successful purchase causes us to redirect them to your success URL where you can provision their access, or your failure URL where you can act appropriately

API Usage

You can accomplish this integration entirely with our purchase dialog API.

It is important to note that dialog URLs should be generated and delivered in a fresh state. The article_id parameter is recommended to be your product SKU with a unique suffix per sale. Customers cannot purchase the same article_id twice in a row, unless you set an aggressive expiration time, although that may add complexity.