Manual Identification Integration Flow

  1. User visits a paid content page on merchant’s website.

  2. Merchant detects if they have an lptoken or a MUID identifying the user.

    • no - (this should happen only if the merchant uses lptokens over MUIDs) proceed to 3

    • yes - proceed to 4

  3. Merchant denies the user access to paid article and presents the user with one or all of:

    • /gettoken or Manual Identification URL button/link configured to redirect the user back to the paid article with an lptoken. The button/link may be labeled for example “Check if I already purchased this”. If the user clicks the button the flow proceeds to 1.

    • Dialog API purchase link[s] with return_lptoken query parameter set to 1. A user who clicks that link and proceeds to purchase the article, will be redirected to the purchased article with an lptoken appended as a query parameter (the flow proceeds to 1) that the merchant can use to check access for that user.

  4. Merchant checks if the user has access to the paid content.

    • no - proceed to 5

    • yes - proceed to 6

  5. Merchant denies the user access to paid content and presents them with LaterPay purchase button[s] (links to LaterPay Dialog API).

  6. Merchant presents the paid article to the user.


  • No automatic redirect to /gettoken.


  • More complicated UX - the additional /gettoken button.