How LaterPay Does MicroPayments


This page is for illustrative purposes only; it does not override any of the contracts you may hold with LaterPay or associated partners.

For full details, refer to said contracts.

Here’s a user, Alex. Alex gets their news from two sites, Cleesenews and The Daily Chapman. Both of these sell articles through LaterPay via micropayments. Cleesenews sells all of its articles for €1 apiece, while The Daily Chapman sells everything priced at €2.

Alex visits Cleesenews, and buys access to four articles. Each article is added to Alex’s invoice, but Alex hasn’t yet been prompted to pay anything, only to commit to pay later. No money has been paid by Alex, no money has gone to Cleesenews. Alex has an open LaterPay invoice totalling €4.

Alex then visits The Daily Chapman, and purchases an article there, priced at €2. This would push Alex’s invoice over LaterPay’s €5 payment threshold. The next time Alex attempts to buy something, they are prompted to enter payment details (if they haven’t already), and to pay €6, the total value of the open invoice.

Of the €6, €4 goes to Cleesenews’ account with LaterPay, and €2 to The Daily Chapman’s account, to be paid to those merchants in LaterPay’s next payment cycle (less LaterPay’s fees).