Auto Identification Integration Flow

  1. User visits a paid content page on merchant’s website.

  2. Merchant detects if they have an lptoken or a MUID identifying the user

    • no - proceed to 3

    • yes - proceed to 4

  3. Merchant obtains a user ID:

    1. If the merchant uses LaterPay tokens the user is redirected to /gettoken to be redirected back to the paid content page with an lptoken as a query parameter (flow starts at 1 again).

    2. If the merchant uses MUIDs the merchant identifies the user and reads a MUID assigned to that user or if the user has no MUID yet, the merchant generates a MUID and assigns it to the user’s session (or similar mechanism) on the merchant website. (Flow proceeds to 4).

  4. Merchant checks if the user has access to the paid content.

    • no - proceed to 5

    • yes - proceed to 6

  5. Merchant denies the user access to paid content and presents them with LaterPay purchase button[s] (links to LaterPay Dialog API).

  6. Merchant presents the paid article to the user.


  • Straightforward UX - user either sees the article or a purchase button.


  • If merchant uses LaterPay tokens then every unidentified user is automatically (no user interaction initiating the redirect) redirected to /gettoken and back to the paid content page again.