Interface Guide for Merchants

LaterPay Purchase Button and Purchase Links

Buy Now, Pay Later button

LaterPay’s mission is to make buying digital content as convenient as possible.

An important part of this is to provide a consistent user experience across all websites that use LaterPay. Here are a few guidelines to ensure purchasing with LaterPay is as easy as possible for your users. Most of the guidelines are not mandatory, but there are a few rules you should keep in mind.

Required Elements

Please make sure our purchase button contains all required elements:

A LaterPay purchase button or link must include (at minimum)

  • The LaterPay Cart icon

  • The price

  • The currency (as a currency sign (e.g. “$”) or currency code (e.g. “USD”))

  • Price and currency are only mandatory if they aren’t stated very close to the purchase button or link already

Button examples with dollar sign and USD

Call-To-Action Text

Additionally, you may want to add call-to-action text in the purchase button or link. If you do, please make sure that the copy clearly reflects what the user can expect after clicking this purchase button or link.

  • Read Now for $0.30, Pay Later

  • Watch Now for $0.99, Pay Later

  • Subscribe Now for $2.99/Month

  • Contribute Now $3.00, Pay Later

  • Donate Now $10.00

Contribute Now $0.99, Pay Later button

When you are referring to Contributions, Donations, or Subscriptions, please stick to the following scheme for your purchase button or link:

Pay Later

Your users don’t have
to pay immediately
Pay Now

Your users have to pay

if you are a 501(c)(3)
registered non-profit
Donate Now $4.00, Pay
Donate Now $4.00

if you don’t sell content
in exchange for money but
are asking for a
contribution without
anything in return
Contribute Now $4.00,
Pay Later
Contribute Now $4.00

if a user is entering an
auto-renewing subscription
Pay Later
Subscriptions are
not yet available
Subscribe Now for


A LaterPay purchase button can have any shape as long as your users can recognize it as a clickable element and it contains all the necessary information (see above). We recommend a rectangular shape with a corner radius of 3px.

Color and Contrast

You may choose the color of your LaterPay purchase button or link and its text color freely. Please make sure that both

  • The contrast between the button’s or link’s background and the button or link itself

  • And the contrast between the button’s background color and its text color

are sufficiently high (for more information about accessibility please see here).

Examples of bad contrast and good contrast


You can download the Laterpay cart logo for use on purchase buttons, from the “Assets” section at the bottom of our Press Kit page.