Migration Guide

This guide describes the changes that are required when migrating from Connector Script 2 to Connector Script 3.

Connector Script 3 is mostly backwards compatible with existing integrations. However, some features require that you apply changes to your integration before upgrading.

URLs of Connector Script 3

The URLs that you use to integrate Connector Script 3 are slightly different from the ones for Connector Script 2.

See URLs of Connector Script for a list of all URLs.

Also make sure that you turn off the Legacy Integration setting on Connector Admin Interface.

JWT Paid Content API

If you are using JWT Dynamic Paid Content API you need to update the structure of the JWT and use the new In-Page Configuration Token, instead.

It extends the existing feature set by adding support for Time Passes and Subscriptions.

Automatic Analytics Integration

Connector Script 3 automatically supports Google Analytics for Web (analytics.js).

If you are using Automatic Analytics Integration with Legacy Google Analytics for Web (ga.js) or Webtrekk, you need to implement a Custom Analytics Integration.


The AdVantage service has been discontinued and it is not supported by Connector Script 3.