GET /access


LaterPay does not store access information for Contributions or Donations.

Answers the question “Does the user have access to this item?”

Example URLs:


article_id (required)

Some unique identifier for the current article. Article ids have no significance/meaning to LaterPay, their format and structure is up to you, and they do not require any form of “pre-registration”.

Must be a UTF-8 string (except ☃ [Unicode Snowman]). This parameter may be included multiple times, to check access for multiple articles simultaneously.

lptoken (one of lptoken or muid is required)

A token identifying the device or LaterPay user on your site.

muid (one of muid or lptoken is required)

A Merchant Provided User ID

cp, hmac, ts (required)

Common Parameters


One of lptoken or muid parameters is required and both cannot be used in one URL.


/access returns a JSON object with the following keys:


'ok' if the request was handled correctly, or 'error' if some problem occurred (such as an incorrect set of parameters).


If there was a problem, there may be an optional 'message' value explaining the problem.


A JSON object where the keys are the article_ids supplied in the request, and the values are JSON objects containing access data about the article.


An optional return value that contains a new token value to use in the future instead of the token you already have. This can happen for example when you have a token that represents a device, but the user has since logged into their LaterPay account. You should replace the user’s current token with this new token.

Objects in articles have the following keys:


A boolean indicating whether or not the user should have access to the article

expiry (optional)

An integer amount of seconds since the Unix epoch (00:00:00 1st Jan 1970) expressing when a user’s access to an item expires or expired.

Example responses:

    "status"    : "ok",
    "articles"  : {"12345": {"access": true}}

    "status"    : "ok",
    "articles"  : {"12345": {"access": true}},
    "new_token" : "t|1234567899..."

    "status"    : "ok",
    "articles"  : {"12345": {"access": true}, "54321": {"access": true, "expiry": 1421139537}}

    "status"    : "invalid_token"